Gavin Newsom's TV Debut Imminent: Flee While You Can

A public safety notice on SFGate today warned the general public of potential exposure to former San Franciscan Gavin Newsom's imminent television debut. Per the warning, our erstwhile mayor and apparently bored silly lieutenant governor will on May 18 commence chatting with “stars” such as Lance Armstrong, Oliver Stone, and Paypal and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Perhaps most alarmingly, however, Newsom will be allotted a segment titled “Just Gavin,” in which he will “discuss his views on the issues of the day.”

This is an ominous development. Newsom's good looks would put him in the running to host even a farm report — but Current TV is giving a platform to the man who, not four years ago, loosed upon the general public a 7.5-hour State of the City YouTube address.

For those who actually subjected themselves to that ordeal, the thought of — voluntarily! — tuning in to watch Newsom pontificate, nod at Camera 2, or “discuss his views on the issues of the day” is an offer akin to a chain gang reunion back at the ol' work farm. 

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