Get Drunk at the Library — Legally. For a Good Cause.

At last. At last. Lord God, I knew this day would come — you will finally be able to rest the alcoholic beverage of your choice on the delightfully archaic mantelpiece of the ever so “mid-century modern” Harvey Milk library. And not only will you not get thrown out — you'll be encouraged.

The Friends of the San Francisco Library has fulfilled the wishes of anyone who ever hoped to get tanked up in a branch library and didn't want to do it clandestinely. The initial “IMBIBE” party series will next month kick off at the Eureka Valley/Harvey Milk Branch — which requires only shag carpeting to complete the besotted suburban 1950s housewife's drinking refuge motif. 

Actually, you'd need some late '50s-early '60s jazz music and some Valium. Well, they'll have the music.

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