Giants Fans Can Attend Games… as Cutouts (Maybe)

All those fans in Giants land sure love their cardboard cutouts.

Truth be told, despite all the optimism from Major League Baseball, it’s still unclear if the Giants will even play this season. If they do, one thing is certain: no one, aside from players and essential club staff, will be taking in a ball game at Oracle Park this year.

Still, megafans have the opportunity to support the orange and black as they catch a game in effigy.

For $99, Giants fans can snag a seat for a cardboard cutout of themselves. Simply upload a photo of yourself rocking some Giants gear and the organization will do the rest. You might even land next to one of your favorite local celebrities — as cutouts of Carlos Santana, E-40, Joe Montana, and the boys from Metallica, among others, will also be scattered around the park.

The Giants have posted guidelines to help fans take the best snaps possible. They encourage good lighting and a blank backdrop; they discourage selfies, lewd imagery, overt political statements… and crazy crabs.

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