Giants' Other Even Year Tradition: Hunter Pence's Scooter is Stolen, Again

When moving about town, local wild-eyed eccentric Hunter Pence — a resident of the South of Market area, where he plays professional baseball for the local club — is known to use an electric scooter. Pence's penchant is well-known: following the infamous theft and recovery of his scooter in 2014, after it was purloined outside of Epic Roasthouse, it's even been immortalized on a bobblehead.

As baseball players have been known to say, it's deja vu all over again: Pence's recovered scooter, donated to the Make A Wish Foundation, has been stolen for a second time, according to NBC Bay Area. This time, it was swiped right out of the foundation's offices, where Pence had donated it for charity.

Misfortune! Calamity! Except, consider: the last time this happened was in 2014, in another even year — when the Giants, as they've done the last half-decade, went ahead and won the World Series. If this is an omen, Giants fans will take it.

[jump] The theft occurred sometime Saturday night. Two men, both unidentified, were caught on surveillance video hauling out Apple products as well as the scooter, autographed by Pence and waiting for an anonymous donor — who had paid $40,000 — to pick it up.
Statistically, things go very well for Pence after he's had his scooter took: in 2014, his second full year in San Francisco, he appeared in every game, made the All-Star team, and won the World Series. Last year, hampered  by injuries, Pence scooted to the ballpark only 59 times, and the Giants — well, you know. Odd year.

The first time around, the scooter was returned, unharmed, by an anonymous soul with a conscience. In the interim, Pence bought another one. It's not clear which model — the original or the replacement — was stolen this time around, or if Pence has another backup scooter handy.

As of Monday morning, 20 minutes before the Giants were scheduled to open the 2016 season in Milwaukee, the scooter had yet to be found. But if you're into omens — and if you are a baseball fan, you definitely are — here's one for you.

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