Giants Pitcher Concussed Own Teammate in Brawl

The hits keep coming from the Giants-Nationals Memorial Day clash, as Mark Morse is on the disabled list with a concussion — thanks to his own teammate.

Surely the most entertaining moment of this otherwise-garbage San Francisco Giants season was Monday’s bench-clearing Memorial Day melee in which Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland nailed Nationals batter Bryce Harper with a pitch, and all heck broke loose with more than 30 guys out on the field engaging in a royal rumble. Most baseball fights are merely kabuki theater with no genuine punches ever landing, but this one featured several roundhouse blows in a riotous Pier 9 brawl (technically, a Pier 40 brawl).   

But the Giants are the ones licking their wounds from the fight’s biggest hit, seen in the above gif. In his zeal to jump into the fight, mullet-sporting Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija accidentally collided with his first baseman teammate Michael Morse. Now Morse is out for seven days with a concussion as a result of the impact.

What is interesting here is that Samardzija was not even playing on Monday. It was his day off in the rotation, he just wanted in on the fight. Not only did he concuss his first baseman, Samardzija also managed to accidentally punch his pitching teammate Hunter Strickland. Jeff Samardzija is the last guy you want on your side in a fight.

“That’s the unfortunate thing about these brawls you have,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy told CSN Bay Area. “Guys are running in and trying to break it up and here he gets hurt trying to break things up, so he’s down for a while.”

A Zapruder film-caliber analysis of the of the fracas shows that Samardzija was absolutely not trying to break it up. Morse may have been, who knows. For debating purposes, we are embedding the full video below, though it’s tough to tell who’s hitting who with both teams wearing matching Memorial Day camouflage ballcaps.

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