Go Cougars! S.F. Study Probes Into What Older Women Want.

A recent study regarding mature women's turn-ons is, somewhat ironically, published in a journal whose title is an instant turnoff: The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

In any event, a U.C. San Francisco survey published this week plumbed the desires and activities of more than 2,000 women aged 45 to 80 (you try telling a 45-year-old woman she's “geriatric” — be our guest) and found that 60 percent had been sexually active within three months and nearly half — 43 percent — reported “moderate sexual desire.” A full 33 percent of women over 65 (still playing with fire if you use the “G-word”) reported sexual activity within the last three months.

Here's the interesting rub: Among older women not having sex, more than half said the hangup wasn't on their end. Thirty-six percent lacked a partner, 23 percent reported a “physical problem” with the partner and 11 percent said their partners weren't interested. Only nine percent had physical problems of their own preventing intimacy. (You see how we didn't make any jokes blaming Monday Night Football? We're learning.).

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