GOP Senate Hopefuls Fiorina, DeVore: Give Guns to Terrorists!

Republicans aren't generally big on respecting the constitutional rights of suspected terrorists, but — as The New York Times' Gail Collins pointed out in a funny column yesterday — they seem to have found their voice on one thing they don't want to deny unlawful enemy combatants: guns. Or, um, bombs.

That's right: GOP reps in Washington are now opposing a bill that would prevent individuals on the F.B.I. terrorist watch-list from buying explosives and firearms. Forget about Miranda warnings and search warrants; the real worry is that some suspected terrorist might be denied his right to bear arms.

We learned at last night's sole scheduled debate among Republican senate candidates in California that this particular brand of lunacy is also prevalent in our own state. Both Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore (you may recognize them from their tastefully accessorized sheep avatars in this recent Democratic attack ad), when asked whether watch-list suspects should be allowed to purchase heavy artillery, answered with a flat “yes.” (“If they have not been convicted of a felony,” added DeVore.)

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