Governators Get Serious About CA Drought, in Their Own Ways

While current Governor Jerry Brown was preparing to roll out proposed legislation to combat water waste, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was fighting the drought in his own manner: by blowing up a kiddie pool with a hand grenade. 

Schwarzenegger entertained a very serious forum, “The New Reality: Addressing California's Water Challenge” hosted by the USC Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy and Public Policy Institute of California on Monday, with a very unserious video that he called “in a fun way, the solution to our water problem.” 

In the video (embedded below, start at 19:00), Schwarzenegger stands outside with a letter in his hand. “Here's a fan letter I got,” he says. “'Dear Arnold, it takes too long to water my lawn.'” Holding up a hand grenade, and pulling out the pin with his teeth, Schwarzenegger responds, “Dear Steve, Try this,” before tossing the grenade over his shoulder toward a blue inflatable kiddie pool. 

[jump] Following the display of hydrotechnics, Arnold announces, “Because we're in California, we don’t have much water. Maybe you want to be more drought tolerant.” He then presses a button and sets off a series of land mines in a small patch of green lawn. 

It's hard to say how much water was wasted in the production of Schwarzenegger's spoof, but the Arnold might want to be careful: Brown's proposed legislation, announced today, calls for penalties of up to $10,000 per violation for water wasters. 

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