GPS Graffiti: San Francisco Man Creates Videogame Homages — That You Can Bike

Yesterday we wrote about the nostalgia-inducing Market and Brady mural featuring 1980s videogame stalwarts Q-Bert and Donkey Kong Jr. Today we've learned of videogame “graffiti” on a larger scale — 8.7 miles larger.

With the aid of a GPS — and nary a can of spray paint — San Francisco graphic designer Vicente Montelongo has created a series of bike trails in the city shaped like videogame heroes of yore. What's his rationale? He tells SF Weekly, “I'm just doing it for the love of 8bit, San Francisco, biking, and the need to create.”

Suits us! Montelongo has been posting maps of his GPS videogame trips on the Web site View them there and, here, click on the jump for a handful of images (it won't even cost you a quarter).

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