Graphic Video Shows Alleged Shoplifter Taken Down by Bloomingdale's Security

Cellphone video of an alleged shoplifter apparently taken down by plainclothes security officers in Bloomingdale’s has raised questions about whether excessive force was used.

[jump] Warning: Video contains graphic content.

ABC7 News reports that the video was recorded last Thursday by Danny Scher. “I thought I walked into like a gang fight. When I realized these were undercover security for Bloomingdale's, I pulled out my camera because it just didn't seem right,” Scher told ABC7.

And the video is certainly troubling. In it, the alleged shoplifter appears dazed on the floor, bleeding profusely and surrounded by security officers. An unidentified man in the video seems to be upset that the scene is being recorded.

The SFPD told ABC7 that the man on the ground was twice before charged with shoplifting from Bloomingdale’s. When store security asked him to leave, an altercation ensued, although it’s unclear how the man ended up bleeding on the floor.

“It doesn't look pretty and it looks really bad, to be frank, but again, we don't know what the use of force was,” officer Albie Esparza told ABC7.

The SFPD says the man wasn't armed. No charges were filed, and the man was taken to SF General with non-life threatening injuries.

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