Great Moments in Craigslist: Southern Guy Is So Amped to Be Your Roommate

UPDATE: Well, fuck. Looks like either this son of the South is looking to move to San Francisco and Boston, or this ad is a fake. Reader Robbinthehood points out the exact same ad was posted in Boston. We wanted to believe in you, excitable bro. We so fucking wanted to believe in you.

Do you have a spare bedroom and enjoy unbridled enthusiasm? Do you love every iteration of the word “fuck”? We may have the guy for you.

Here is a Craigslist ad you won't want to miss — even if you aren't looking for someone to move in. The zealous ad — which we've seen passed around on Twitter and Reddit — comes from a very, very excited young man from Alabama who promises he'll be the “most kick-ass fucking roommate that ever lived.”

Here are some of his selling points:

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