Great: Oakland Police Sex Scandal Expands to San Francisco

In case you were not aware, there's near-chaos in local law enforcement in the East Bay right now.

Oakland's police chief resigned last week, and his planned replacement was shitcanned this week, all following the OPD's bungling of an sex scandal involving many officers and a woman named Celeste Guap, who was an underage prostitute when she met — and, she says, started sleeping with — the first of many police officers.

Meanwhile, OPD brass apparently knew all about it — former police Chief Sean Whent's wife supposedly received a message from Guap, according to the East Bay Express. In all, Guap claims to have had sex with two dozen police officers from five Bay Area police departments, she told the East Bay Times.

Now Guap says she had sex with San Francisco police officers as well. According to KRON-4, Guap told the television station that she hooked up with “like 2 from SF, but one was ex OPD.”

Well, then.

As the EBX reported, Guap was 17 years old when she ran away from a pimp on International Boulevard in Oakland and into the protection of Brendan O'Brien, then an Oakland police officer.

The two began “dating,” as Guap described their relationship, which involved numerous sexual encounters. Guap also had sex with other officers in OPD, where her mother worked as a dispatcher.

This is all coming from a department that prided itself on handling trafficked minors well.

O'Brien later committed suicide, following the suicide of his wife. Guap allegedly received tips from law enforcement about impending prostitution stings.

San Francisco police told KRON-4 that no specific officer was under investigation or suspicion of having had interactions with Guap, but an investigation had been launched nonetheless. 

If it is true, at least SF cops aren't alone.

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