Green & Tonic and Carrotmob Launch Eco-Friendly Bar Competition

Get wasted sustainably.

As of April last year, only one bar in San Francisco was certified green, and that was Elixir. According to the aforelinked NPR story, a group set on greening more bars dubbed Green & Tonic was planning to get to work using Elixir as a sustainability consultant and greening more bars, and a year and a half (and several interns) later, they are just getting to it.

Their aim is to help bar owners reduce waste, energy, and water consumption by using energy-efficient appliances, low-flow toilets, and non-toxic cleaning supplies, and to further those aims, in conjunction with Carrotmob — a network of green-product consumers — they've just launched a green bar competition.

Basically, Green and Tonic will conduct a free, walk through at any bar that chooses to participate, then create a short film featuring the three top eco-friendly bars in the city. Carrotmob will then hold a community vote, and the bar with the most votes will win a fundraising event in September. All the money raised with help the bar “make their greenovation wishes come true,” says Healther Driscoll, co-founder and co-President of Green & Tonic.

To express interest, e-mail Driscoll at

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