Greenpeace Activists Call Apple's iCloud a “Dirty Cloud”

Giant walking iPhones greeted Apple employees as they entered the company's

headquarters in Cupertino this morning, where Greenpeace activists criticized Apple's iCloud for using “dirty power.”

Demonstrators stood outside demanding employees and executives stop powering its iCloud using coal-fired power plants, and instead rely on renewable energy

sources to operate the phone. The protest was part of a 24-hour action, which started with a laser projector at midnight, where protesters displayed Facebook and Twitter messages on Apple's front entrance. At 7:30 a.m. those same messages were broadcasted

over a loudspeaker, operated by two activists who were locked inside a giant

iPod outside the headquarters.

As far as we know, the giant iPod was removed by 10 a.m., after more than two hours of

broadcasting outside the store. Two activists — Brandy Palm, 29, and Elizabeth Donahue, 21 — were hauled away in handcuffs, but no charges have been filed at this time, officials said.

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