Gridskipper SF: How to Pick Up a Sad, Old Pervert!

Gridskipper SF has a charming post up today about where old dudes can pick up drunk college girls in San Francisco- complete with interactive map! It's basically a list of where not to go if you don't want to hang out with a bunch of 19-year-old binge drinkers and the predatory douchebags who love them. Take this description of Club Six:

Reggae nights are particularly good for attracting the Berkeley crowd from across the bridge (surprise surprise), so put on your knit hat and go get that wannabe Rastafarian college girl you've been telling your Bob Marley poster about.

Godammit, they've learned one of the most coveted secret of acquiring tang! Wearing a knit hat to a club is basically the secret handshake of pussy- girls are required to fuck you. I dare you to be so awesome. -Andy Wright

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