Guardian Accuses Public Defender Jeff Adachi of 'Tea Party' Ties

We've got to hand it to the Guardian. Just when you think Bruce Brugmann's boys and girls have lost it — that they don't have a single conspiracy theory worthy of a good belly laugh left in them; that all you can look forward to in the paper's pages are turgid, overlong articles on last week's committee meetings or prods to jury duty (seriously) — they come through.

Witness the latest piece of glorious Guardian reasoning: Its bizarre assertion that Public Defender Jeff Adachi has links to the Tea Party.

Mind you, the paper doesn't come out and just say it like that.

The effort to paint Adachi as a sleeper agent of America's lunatic right

is couched in the ever-so-subtle interrogatory mode. To wit,

the headline: “Is Adachi's pension reform a Tea Party initiative?”

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