Guardian Ditches Julian Davis Endorsement (Update)

Update (4:42 p.m.): SFBG's Tim Redmond responds to SF Weekly. Read his comments after the jump.

Today, the San Francisco Bay Guardian reversed its endorsement of supervisoral candidate Julian Davis — and went a step farther, urging him to drop out of the race amid groping allegations.

According to Tim Redmond's editorial today, the newspaper claims it had no knowledge of these allegations against Davis, who denies the incident ever happened.

As the Guardian puts it:

Yes, we knew that in his 20s he was a bit of an arrogant ass. We knew that at one point, he actually got into a tugging match with another person over the ridiculous question of who got to hold a campaign sign. We'd heard that, in the past, at somewhat debauched parties, he'd made advances toward women who weren't interested in his affections. … But this new information, and his response to it, is alarming.

The Guardian apparently didn't do its homework before it endorsed Davis, so the newspaper was going to make damn sure it did before taking it away. 

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