Guardian Editor: How Dare You Call Me Anti-Tax?

The San Francisco Bay Guardian's Tim Redmond today called us with some spirited criticism of an item we ran last week stating the paper's editors would personally benefit from Prop. 13 legislation they endorsed.

In the item, we noted that the paper had endorsed Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's AB 2492, which would preserve Prop 13's tax breaks to residential property

owners, while eliminating certain breaks for owners of commercial

property. Longtime city homeowners, Ammiano, along with endorsers Guardian editor Redmond and owner Bruce Bruggmann benefit handsomely from the 1978 tax-limiting measure.

Redmond described the item as unfair, noting that he's long supported higher taxes, even when increases hit his own pocketbook. Redmond didn't take issue with specific facts, or with our citation of the Guardian item — those, it would seem, were right on the money. But he was outraged we would brand him a tax-cutter.

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