Guardian Editor Is Finished with the Rancor, Name-Calling Over Chris Daly's Move to Fairfield — You Conservative, Suburban Twits!

Even those of you lunching on American cheese and Miracle Whip between two slices of crustless white bread are probably familiar with the operating definition of chutzpah: A man who killed both of his parents pleading for the mercy of the court because he's an orphan.

So, it showed some degree of chutzpah for Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond to condemn the “nasty, ugly discussion” regarding Chris Daly's home purchases in Fairfield in his weekly “Editor's Notes” column. We've noted that nothing bestirs Web troglodytes to bash their cudgels into their keyboards like all things Daly. Yet much of the nastiness and ugliness in this discussion was emanating from Redmond and his colleagues, who saw fit to belatedly rush to Daly's defense with an article titled “Chuck Nevius Is Such a Twit.” The 1,800-word screed concluded with a personal dose of verbal saliva aimed at Nevius' eye: “Don't lecture me about journalism, you conservative suburban twit.”

Name-calling. That's a hell of a way to elevate the “nasty, ugly discussion” up out of the gutter. Chron columnist Nevius has his flaws — but as far as the Guardian is concerned, none is as unforgivable as disagreeing with them.

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