Happy Meal Ban Makes Canadian Ashamed To Share Border with U.S.

At least somebody's sticking up for Happy Meals…

A Canadian correspondent was so appalled by the ordinance passed over the mayor's veto today requiring local restaurants luring children with toys to meet minimum nutritional requirements, that he's embarrassed to share a border with the United States.

According to a letter to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from a man referring to himself as “David”:

“I am a Canadian that is EMBARRASSED to live next to such a totalitarian country.I know my comments as a Canadian will fallon your ears just like the comments of the Americans (and the world) fell on deaf ears in Germany in the 1930's. You are a bunch of socialists.”

The so-called Happy Meal ban — first passed on Nov. 2 — somehow touched a nerve around the country. Our initial story announcing the vote on the law received 85 comments, about 10 times normal even for controversial stories. But nobody's seemed to be knocked as far off kilter as David from Canada. Some complainers vaguely compared San Francisco to fascists. David likened us specifically to managers of World War II-era death camps. 

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