Happy Meal Ban: Middle Schoolers Write to Supes, Critique Toys

Here's what I think you should say, kids

Six dozen students at a middle school in Brentwood, a suburb 55 miles to the east, wrote to San Francisco City Hall Oct. 15 to voice views on Supervisor Eric Mar's proposed ban on Happy Meal toys, which is scheduled to be heard at today's board meeting.

Unlike hysterical news pundits, who've suggested the bill endangers freedom itself, the seventh graders' verdicts came down both for and against the measure, with views based on more prosaic concerns such as whether or not the toys suck.

Joey, like the other students, had his last name excised for privacy. Like well-raised children through time, Joey has clear ideas about 

behavioral cause and effect. He was therefore appalled that Happy Meal toys had been allowed to exist in the first place.

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