'Happy Meal' Legislation Cites Faulty Data

How heavy is that box?

San Francisco's ongoing effort to mandate how healthy a kids' meal must be in order to include a neato toy has, literally, blown up into a City Hall food fight. You could see this proposal as yet another San Francisco nanny state measure to tell parents how to raise their kids. Or you could see it as a bold move against big businesses that make money off of transforming Americans into fat, sedentary slobs. Or you could have a more nuanced view — but, then, you probably wouldn't show up at public comment and yell into a microphone.

One thing is for certain, however. Alarming statistics cited in the proposed law's legislative digest — “According to 2003-2004 data, San Franciscans consume over one-third of their food, as measured by weight, at fast food and pizza restaurants” — are demonstrably false.

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