Harborside Health Center: Feds Say Oakland Can't Stop Them From Shuttering Pot Club

The federal government is now arguing that the City of Oakland shouldn't be allowed to prevent the feds from closing down Harborside Health Center, the state's largest medical marijuana dispensary.

As our weed readers probably recall, Oakland filed a lawsuit in October in an attempt to put an end to the federal crackdown on pot clubs, specifically to stop them from closing down Harborside Health Center, which serves more than 110,000 patients. Last year, the feds announced they would be moving to close pot clubs that were deemed too close to schools, and in July, they extended that crackdown to “superstores” like Harborside.

Last week, the feds filed an opposing brief, claiming Oakland can't participate in the legal battle to try and save the pot club since it doesn't have any ownership in the facility.

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