Harborside Health Center Patients Talk About Buying Marijuana on the Street (Video)

There isn't much agreement over who uses medical marijuana, and why. There's dispute over even the nomenclature: cannabis users refer to themselves as “patients,” as do some state and local laws; some in law enforcement and in the August halls of government, officials dole out far less-accommodating terms.

We remember well the captain of a certain Bay Area police force tell us, on record, that he had no issue with old and dying folks using marijuana “if it's the law.” However, the only people he saw outside the town's lone dispensary, long since shut-down, fit a very different demographic.

“They're all young and healthy,” he complained, going further to say that they fit the appearance more of the crime-prone urban male than a “seriously ill Californian,” for whom Proposition 215 allows the legal use of marijuana. Indeed, most medical marijuana users are youngish, employed, and white, according to a study conducted by a University of California Santa Cruz professor last year.

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