Hardball: SEIU Sends Out Newsom-Emblazoned Mailers

In anticipation over today's pending battle at the Board of Supervisors meeting over whether or not to spend $8 million to save 40, 100, or 500 SEIU jobs at the Department of Public Health, the union has sent out a glossy, campaign-style mailer. And Gavin Newsom is the cover boy.

But the SEIU's goal isn't to praise Newsom, but bury him — in phone calls and e-mails.

“Gavin Newsom's Universal Health Care Plan…” reads the cover caption alongside a campaigning Newsom. Within, the pamphlet queries: “His legacy? Or a missed opportunity?” In SEIU purple-and-yellow, the mailer features photos and testimonials from, among others, General Hospital's former chief of staff, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano — the real father of Healthy San Francisco — and Senators Mark Leno and Leland Yee. All of them question the mayor's wisdom in moving ahead with job reassignments and layoffs and imply that the Healthy San Francisco plan will be jeopardized. And those agreeing with them are encouraged to call the mayor or supes at the conveniently listed phone numbers.

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