Hepcat Michael Wolff: Facebook is “Square”

When you're trying to decide what's hip and what's square, there's really only one place to look: Michael Wolff writing in USA Today.

Wolff is a serial Internet failure who is nevertheless a highly successful self-promoter. The two don't go together at all, especially considering that he promotes himself as some kind of sage when it comes to media and the Internet. But he's been able to convince a lot of easily duped editors that he knows what he's talking about, so he gets big book contracts and lots of placements for his “think pieces” in publications like Vanity Fair.
On Monday, USA Today ran his column with the headline “Facebook Is … MySpace?” In it, he declares that “Facebook is cookie-cutter-ish. Facebook is boring. Facebook verges on the totally square.”
And so, Michael Wolff has stumbled upon a truth that your grandmother learned three years ago: Facebook, yes, is square.

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