Here Are All the Film Locations From Hollywood's Recent Attempts to Destroy San Francisco, Mapped

Hollywood loves to take down San Francisco. Maybe it's our instantly recognizable landmarks. Maybe it's our overweening sense of self-importance. Either way, there's been a surfeit of disaster films focused on flattening Frisco in recent years.

Perhaps due in part to the efforts of Supervisor Mark Farrell and Governor Jerry Brown, an increasing number of those Coit Tower toppling, Embarcadero flooding, and cable car crashing scenes are actually filmed here in the city. 

Now you can check out the exact location of every scene filmed in SF since 2013, thanks to Max Galka of Metrocosm. 

The interactive map allows you to sort by film title, check out details of each scene's shot by location, and view the original film permits. (Galka created the map through a public records request from the San Francisco Film Commission.) 

Some of the films haven't been released yet, too, so you might be excited to learn that the upcoming film Entropy will feature shots of Dog Eared Books, Modern Times, and Borderlands. (A shoot at City Lights appears to have been nixed.) It's also nice to know that Entropy's producers were considerate of the neighbors near 16th and S. Van Ness when they shot the following scene in June: 

Interior Lead character donates dog supplies to local shelter. Exterior Lead character exits the building, walks east on sidewalk, vomits on fence around abandoned area station. Camera handheld on sidewalk. Note: we do not want a close-up of vomit so we can have the actress spit up water, ginger ale or something else that is reasonably sanitary.

Here's the summary for Entropy, per IMDB, by the way:

A brilliant, but hermetic and hard-living woman discovers an anomalous cosmic force that projects the end of the universe to be a mere two weeks away. The terminal diagnosis for all existence compels her to confront her own fear and isolation, and leads her to pursue another woman who may offer the promise of salvation.

It's not totally clear why the “hermetic and hard-living woman” is preparing for the apocalypse by visiting independent bookstores and several local libraries, but I hope it involves a montage with lots of clips of her stacking, unstacking, and flipping through old books. 

You also might be excited to learn that the upcoming Steve Jobs movie starring Michael Fassbender will include a scene with “actor pretending to sell newspaper” outside the San Francisco Chronicle building. We can't wait. 

Galka has also created a breakdown of film permits by neighborhood (the Financial District is the most popular by far, followed by the Inner Mission). You can check out the interactive map here

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