Here's an Easy Way to See the Median Income in Your Zip Code

A new map from the demographic data analysts at ESRI breaks down San Francisco by zip code, measuring info such as age, income, population density, and “tapestry,” (i.e., generic categorizations like “trendsetters” and “laptops and lattes.”)

As Curbed SF points out, most of the city is colonized by the laptop and latte crowd: people who “don't own a home but invest in mutual funds and put money away for retirement. They exercise regularly, travel, and partake in all sorts of cultural events. And they dominate most zip codes in San Francisco, from the Marina to Glen Park.”

[jump] Perhaps the most interesting (and likely skewed) feature of the map is the breakout of median incomes by zip code. Not surprisingly, the area encompassing the Tenderloin is the least flush part of town, with a median income of $26,000 around Civic Center.

Meanwhile, the areas in and around the Financial District clock in at $126,000. And the waterfront and Telegraph Hill both report $100,000+ median incomes. Parts of the Mission and SoMa come in between $40,000 and $50,000, while pretty much everything in the oceanfront stretches of the city show $80,000 – $93,000 median incomes. Treasure Island reports a $77,000 median income. 

See how your zip measures up here

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