Hidden Joys of Proposed Muni Budget

Yesterday, the Municipal Transportation Agency reluctantly passed a two-year budget for Muni. We're notifying you today as a symbolic nod to the overriding feature of that budget — its 10 percent service cuts. Much like the buses and trains themselves, you had to wait longer for this article.

Those cuts — which stand to save Muni some $29 million in fiscal 2011 — will probably be the item coming under the most scrutiny from the Board of Supervisors, which must give the MTA budget its blessing by the end of fiscal 2010 on June 30. Our calls to supes gauging how likely they are to flip MTA's budget — which they threatened last year but could not pull off — have not yet been returned.

Another joyful financial uncertainty is the MTA banking on $7 million from the County Transportation Authority (that's just the supes with another name doling out transportation money) — which is no sure thing. Also uncertain is the much-ballyhooed bonanza of $11.7 million or more via selling off taxi medallions, which hasn't netted a red cent, or $20 million in labor concessions over the next two fiscal years — which is about as hypothetical as it comes.

You can read the entire budget proposal here, and here are some more joys unearthed from it: 

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