Highways, Development Pollute San Franciscans' Lungs, Mission Is Unhealthiest Hood

Every day may as well be a Spare the Air day.

A few key congested roadways help make lung problems — including cancer and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — along with heart disease the chief long-term health problems in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, according to a new review of what makes American cities sick.

While MIT's report on Health and Urbanism finds San Franciscans healthier than most folks in Atlanta, Chicago or New York City, riding bikes and taking transit no further than 1.5 miles away from a big-time road means the C&C of SF mean the most densely populated county in the Bay Area may be its unhealthiest.

Obesity and diabetes clock in as the worst worries in most other cities, which means that they can at least run off their problems — we can't move highways or densely packed blocks.

And the worst neighborhood for “health outcomes”? It may surprise you (and all its fixies, too).

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