Hot Bureaucracy on Bureaucracy Action … Day 5

By Benjamin Wachs

Last week Gavin Newsom announced he was proposing to merge the Taxi Commission with the MTA, which runs MUNI. Two days ago I called up city hall to ask why.

That was all I wanted to know: Why is this a good idea? Is there a particular problem with the way taxis operate that needs to be fixed? Is there money that we’re projecting can be saved through consolidation? Are members of the Taxi Commission prank-calling Nathanial Ford at home? WHAT?

The press release doesn’t say -– and neither did city hall. The mayor’s spokesman said she have to get back to me on that, but would do it right away. That was Tuesday.

Yesterday, I called back to see what the hold up was, and was told my question had been referred to Nathan Ballard, the mayor’s top spokesman, and that he’d be getting back to me soon.

Still hasn’t happened. Meanwhile, I have another question:

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