Hotels Duel For Sarah Palin's Business

Earlier today we reported that the alleged super-secret tab for Sarah Palin's speaking engagement at CSU-Stanislaus is $93,000 — including a fat $18,000 for transportation and accommodations.

We have nothing but fond memories of Turlock, Calif. — but, without casting aspersions on the pleasant little town, it doesn't seem like a place where you need to disgorge vast quantities of money to bed down for the night. A quartet of Turlock hoteliers agreed, telling SF Weekly that, whatever the CSU-Stanislaus people are paying to put up Palin and her Alaskan entourage, they can do better. And with crepes!

“With our place here, I think I can make Sarah a better offer for one of our deluxe rooms,” said Perry over at the Sunrise Inn. “We also have air purifiers in the rooms. For most people not used to this area, they could have allergies.”

Perry says a room like this would set Palin back $68. She attended five colleges — but, sadly, none of them was CSU-Stanislaus. Too bad: That would have gotten her a 30 percent discount. But Perry says he could still give her 20 percent off — “I'll just take care of it.” Fifty-four bucks, Sarah! And, yes, they serve crepes in the morning.

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