Housebroken Raccoon Named Basoura Missing From Dogpatch

"Reward offered for serious help. NO JOKE CALLS!"

Send out a search party: a pet raccoon from the Dogpatch and her owner is offering a reward.

“Precious baby angel Basoura” was last seen on Feb. 20 at 20th and Michigan streets, so says a flyer posted to Reddit on Wednesday.  

Basoura left the car when the owner quickly stopped by work, which could be Uber or JUUL since the owner mentioned them in the flyer. What’s also not clear is how Basoura got out of the car since raccoons don’t have opposable thumbs. 

The owner describes Basoura as a big raccoon that’s not dangerous, diseased or suited for the wild. She’s also missing home and sure to be hungry and afraid.

What might set Basoura apart from all the other trash pandas — a term used lovingly — is that she responds to her name, is tame, loving, and timid. 

The number to contact the owner was blocked out but those in and around the Dogpatch can find the flyer at 20th and Illinois streets, the Reddit poster said. 

“Reward offered for serious help,” the flyer read. “NO JOKE CALLS!”

Joke calls may be in the cards, but so is the possibility that the owner gets serious calls about a raccoon that’s not Basoura.

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