How Do Pot Advocates Celebrate Huge Victory? Use Your Imagination.

Yesterday, we reported that an initiative to tax and regulate Marijuana was all but certain to grace the November ballot.

Well, guess what? Pro-pot voters, come November, you're hooked up.

Needing 433,971 signatures to make the ballot, the initiative — sponsored by Oaksterdam University and bankrolled by $1.3 million (and counting) from Oaksterdam president Richard Lee — soared over the hurdle with roughly 520,000 certified signatures.

And how did Team Oaksterdam mark this historic moment? “I got drunk,” deadpanned Lee. “Just joking. We congratulated each other. You know.”

“You know,” is also how Oaksterdam spokeswoman Salwa Ibrahim answered. She then elaborated “In the traditional way — we celebrate the plant every day.”

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