How Does The City Count Human Feces?

Yesterday's Chris Roberts piece on cleaning human dung from the streets of the Tenderloin was so intriguing, it deserves not just one follow-up but a second.

So, yes, this is follow-up No. 2.

Department of Public Works spokeswoman Gloria Chan tells us the DPW responded to 2,500 calls between July of 2011 and the present day to scrub the Tenderloin's streets of human waste. We wondered — how, exactly, is the department keeping track of this? Is it filing these calls under “E” for “Excrement, Human”? Or maybe “F” for “Feces, Human”? (Actually, the “human” is redundant; Chan says that, in the eyes of DPW, “fecal matter is fecal matter.”)

If it's not categorized alphabetically, is there some sort of numerical code for excrement extraction, like traffic or parking violations? “Not another Code 72!” a frustrated DPW worker might intone.

Well, it's neither of these. But, for fans of feces-related double-entendres, the DPW's actual solution is even better.

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