How To Resist! Before the End of the Month

From distributing burritos to the homeless to surviving as an artist, we've got you covered with this end-of-March resistance event guide.

When President Donald Trump was elected many of us got drunk, fell into a depression, wrote long rants on social media, vowed to stand up and fight. But life goes on, and it’s easy to get buried under work and social lives. Here are a few ways to live up to those vows — to learn, to grow, to think, and to act — all before April 1 comes around. Pick your form of resistance from these upcoming San Francisco events:

Wednesday, March 22

City Hall Hearing on the Teacher Housing Crisis
Mission District Supervisor Hillary Ronen is leading a hearing on the growing problem of teachers being priced out of S.F. If you’re a teacher who wants to speak, or someone who wants to learn about what the nitty gritty issues are, show up! Facebook event page is here.

We’ve Done This Before — The 1980s Movements
Activists discuss protests against the Reagan administration, from the birth of the Peace Navy to the creation of Sanctuary Cities. How can this help inform our current fight? Learn more about the event here.

Thursday, March 23

Women and Resistance: A History Lesson
What could be more motivating than a discussion about the roles women played in resistance and social protest movements in the Bay Area during the 1960s and 1970s? From the Black Panthers to the Yippies, learn what others have done before us here.

Friday, March 24

Housing Forum 
What will San Francisco look like in 2100? It’s easy to make guesses, but this panel discussion will bring the experts in, be they architects, designers, or members of city agencies. Learn the facts about what we can anticipate happening in our 49 square miles in the next few decades. More details here.

Saturday, March 25

Artist Survival Guide
Intersection for the Arts is hosting a panel and conversation for artists, arts professionals, arts organizations and the broader community on how to survive the Trump presidency and its apparent commitment to defunding the arts. Info here.

Basic Income Create-a-thon
Want to take a deep dive into something? Sign up for a weekend long workshop on creative action around establishing a universal basic income. Writers, artists, technologists, policy activists, filmmakers and more are all welcome. Details here.

Monday, March 27

Burrito Project
Do you consider yourself a pro at making burritos? Do you have two feet or two wheels and a desire to feed people? The Burrito Project is a monthly event where volunteers make and hand out 400 burritos to the city’s homeless population, all in one night. Learn more and sign up here.

Wednesday, March 29

Sanctuary City 101 Workshop
No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “sanctuary city” being thrown around a lot recently. San Francisco is one and may lose federal funding because of it. Now schools, BART, and courtrooms are also taking on the term. But if you’re not quite sure what this means, or you are but don’t know how to help preserve it, swing by a talk on ‘Sanctuary City: What’s at Stake?’ on Wednesday evening. More info here.

Hosting a resistance event we missed? Let us know in the comments. 

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