How to Run for Congress, President, or Any Office

A new online database gives you all the tools you need to run for elected office in the U.S.

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that any unqualified fool can run for office and stands a decent chance of actually getting elected. If you’re an unqualified fool — or a committed, knowledgeable, hands-on activist with a genuine interest in good government — a new online platform details everything you need to do to file, register, and run for elected office in the United States.

President Obama said in his memorable farewell address that “If you’re disappointed by your elected officials, grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself.” The new website details every filing deadline, registration requirement, and all the other prerequisites necessary to follow his advice and run for that office yourself. is a free platform that gives people from all backgrounds the tools they need to become elected officials,” parent company NationBuilder said in a release. “Users can find [a] fully address-searchable database, a list of every elected office in their area, filing requirements and even training. Many communities today do not have searchable databases, making it almost virtually impossible to pull together information in time to file registration, changes this.”

The site is extremely to use. Just enter your address or zip code on the home page, and you’ll see a list of every elected position in your state, county, or city. Federal offices are also listed. For each elected office, there is a set of step-by-step instructions on how to verify your residence qualifications, file the appropriate papers, and get your name on the ballot.

The site also offers a free online course on how to run for office, and provides a free voter file detailing all of the voters in the district in which you hope to run.  

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