How You Can Join the State Marijuana Committee

If you’ve worked in the cannabis industry, California could use your help in drafting the new state recreational marijuana laws.

Good news for anyone with experience growing cannabis, selling cannabis, advising medical marijuana patients or with any expertise in the California medical marijuana industry. The state Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation (BMCR) is understaffed and is asking for your help to join the new Cannabis Advisory Committee that will create the new recreational cannabis laws set to go into effect starting January 1, 2018.

Now for the bad news — these committee positions are unpaid. The only money you could receive would be reimbursement for travel costs. But this is significant and momentous opportunity to help draft sensible cannabis legislation that will affect millions of people’s lives.

The BMCR has on online application form for submitting your resume to the Cannabis Advisory Committee  It’s a seven-page application that asks about your background in the marijuana industry, and it does require a resume and letters of recommendation.

Since the advisory committee will draft rules for the sale of recreational cannabis, the job technically falls under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

Committee members are selected by and serve at the pleasure of the Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs,” the DCA said in a release. “The committee will consist of representatives from diverse backgrounds, including the cannabis industry, labor, state and local agencies, public health experts, representatives from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control with expertise in regulating intoxicating substances for adult use, individuals with expertise in the medicinal properties of cannabis and representatives from communities disproportionately affected by past federal and state drug policy, among others.”

While possession of recreational marijuana is now legal in California, recreational sales will not be legal until January 1, 2018. The Cannabis Advisory Committee will do the work to determine the scope and implementation of these recreational marijuana laws.


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