Howard Dean Organization Weighs in on D3 Supe Race with Peskin Endorsement

The balance of power in San Francisco's Board of Supervisors will be determined by a tiny number of voters this November, when District 3 chooses between incumbent Julie Christensen, former Supe. Aaron Peskin, and future also-ran Wilma Pang. In 2012, just over 23,000 people voted in the D3 supes election — and that was a presidential election year. In 2011 — the last mayoral election — fewer than 15,000 ballots were cast in District 3.

But the election is starting to get national attention. Last month, the New York Observer took a look at the race and drew a (somewhat tenuous) parallel between Peskin vs. Christensen (who is now benefiting from an anti-Peskin independent expenditure paid for in part by tech investor Ron Conway) and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasios's battle against Uber. 

Now Democracy for America, Howard Dean's progressive political action campaign, is weighing in and endorsing Peskin.

[jump] The group, which counts about 180,000 members in California, invoked Christensen's eviction truther gaffe from last week, which prompted the #DearJulieImReal twitter backlash as a reason to support the challenger:

After a fellow Supervisor pointed out all the eviction horror stories, Sup. Christensen claimed most of them hadn't even taken place — and that in most cases, tenants were the problem. Talk about tone deaf. San Franciscans quickly responded with the #DearJulieImReal hashtag, telling their stories about how they have been evicted in a city whose leaders too often side with the rich and powerful against the people. It's time for change. That's why DFA is endorsing Aaron Peskin for the Board of Supervisors. 

“Even though this is a local supervisor race, there's a larger symbolism for the region and country,” Peskin told SF Weekly by phone. “We're going to see whether San Francisco remains a national beacon for progressive legislation or becomes a town that's run by corporations and people like the Koch Brothers.” 

And who are the Koch Brothers of San Francisco?

“Ron Conway,” according to Peskin. 

Another national player throwing support to Peskin is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who donated $500 to Peskin's campaign. Peskin doesn't know if Reid is officially endorsing him (they haven't been in touch) but says the senator is an old friend through work Peskin does on water rights for Native American tribes in Nevada. 

Of course, Christensen, whose campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment, has high powered friends of her own. The Mayor seems to bring her along to every event he can, and she's been endorsed by Senator Dianne Feinstein. 

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