ICE Releases San Jose Father After Judge Halts Deportation

ICE detained the Mexican national as he dropped off his daughter at daycare six months ago.

While dropping off his 4-year-old daughter at daycare in October, immigration officials detained San Jose resident Fernando Carrillo and put his family’s life in limbo.

After six long months, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released the Mexican national from its San Francisco building to the embrace of his emotional wife and three young daughters on Monday, Bay City News reports. Though the Trump administration brings uncertainty to many immigrant families, he at least received confirmation from an immigration judge on Thursday that he is no longer flagged for deportation.

Outside the agency’s office at 630 Sansome St., Carillo described being yelled at and mistreated while at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond.

“I’ve never experienced anything this awful in my life,” Carillo said in Spanish. “They treat you like you’ve committed a crime, but really you’re just being detained.”

Carillo came to the country in 2004, was deported in 2012 and was arrested again in October. He recalled seeing what appeared to be an undercover car following him and similar-looking cars waiting at the daycare when he arrived.

Arrests of immigrants — especially ones without criminal convictions — jumped 42 percent during the first year of the Trump administration, according to an ICE report released in February. The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday directed quotas for immigration judges to help clear a backlog, The Washington Post reports.

“They don’t think about the consequences on the families,” Carrillo says. “They just think of us as numbers.”

Though Carillo is now exempt from removal orders, he and his wife, Lourdes Barraza, vowed to help others in similar situations but without proper support.

“We need to bring to light what is happening,” Barraza says. “We were lucky to have a voice, but not everyone has a voice.”

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