If Paul McCartney Succumbs to Alzheimer's, Blame (a lack of) Marijuana

Far from being dead, Sir Paul McCartney's spectacular musical career enters its sixth decade this June, when the Beatle and vegetarian turns 70. That's a long and winding road, and one on which McCartney's constant companion has been cannabis.

But not any longer. McCartney recently quit smoking pot in order to better focus on raising his 8-year old daughter, he told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. That news is sure to warm the hearts of the children he raised in the 1970s and 1980s, when he was busted transporting a half- pound of pot to Japan.

For fans of McCartney's work (and his lack of senility), his timing could not have been worse. While stoner moments might resemble senior moments in “popular” convention, the magic plant in fact wards off instances of memory loss connected to Alzheimer's disease, according to findings published in a new book.

Yes, pot helps the brain fight Alzheimer's, according to journalist Clint Werner's Marijuana: A Gateway to Health.

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