In Continuing Bid for Relevance, Infamous Hate Group Plans to Protest at the Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl and its thousands of revelers in town, there’s no better time to garner attention for good old-fashioned hate speech. A group infamous for staging homophobic protests plans to do just that.

As Hoodline first noted, the Westboro Baptist Church—the late Fred Phelps’ small but media-savvy family clan, best known for picketing the funerals of Iraq war veterans, and for carrying protest signs emblazoned with “God hates fags”—WBC has tweeted their intention to make a scene on game day.

[jump] The group posted an online flyer reading: “As if the massive idolatry that surrounds Super Bowl 50 were not bad enough, Super Bowl 50 will be held in the slop zone of the Sodomite Capitol of the world, San Francisco, CA!” The flyer concluded, in something like 25-point font: “GOD HATES THIS IDOLATROUS, SAMESEX MARRIAGE PIMPING NATION!”

The WBC, like a once-notable rock band that’s now a nostalgia act playing VFW halls, sticks to their greatest hits: the gays are going to hell, America is doomed, repent or perish! The church protested at the last several Super Bowls; no word on how many lost souls they converted.

The WBC has also vowed to turn up in the Castro on Saturday, where they’ll protest a children’s book whose message of diversity and acceptance is hogwash to the WBC. The book’s author, Jase Peeples, has already organized a counter-protest.

“Please help us overshadow this hate group and show their message of intolerance is unacceptable — especially in a neighborhood like the Castro where diversity and love are celebrated every day,” Peeples’ event invite reads.

Another event planned for Saturday, the International Meetup Day for Return of Kings — which Jezebel memorably dubbed “that little internet compendium of fetid little trolls who sit in a troll-pile, rubbing bits of fossilized troll-poop together while gleefully squalling about how much they hate ugly chicks” — was apparently cancelled due to threats made against group members.

Return of Kings, which is violently misogynistic and promotes gender norms last seen circa 1850, had planned to gather at the Balboa Park BART station.

(“To identify your fellow tribesmen, ask the following question to a man you suspect is there for the meetup: ‘Do you know where I can find a pet shop?’ If you are asked this question, answer in the affirmative: ‘Yes, it’s right here.’ You can then introduce yourself and get details about where to proceed…If you ask someone for the pet shop and they appear confused or actually try to direct you to a real pet shop, they’re not there for the meetup.”)

Return of Kings, at least, isn't as hardass as it thinks. 

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