'Interim Mayor' Would Earn Three Times More Than 'Acting Mayor'

What's the difference between an “acting mayor” and an “interim” one? About $153,000, to start with.

We've gone over the scenarios confronting the Board of Supervisors in anointing Mayor Gavin Newsom's successor. Here's the rub: If the current board makes up its mind and designates an “interim mayor,” that person will serve until November of 2011. But if the supes can't settle on a candidate, Board President David Chiu becomes “acting mayor,” and serves until the next mayor is voted into office or the board eventually settles on a replacement.

Both “interim” and “acting” mayors have the same powers: They can make appointments, veto legislation, enforce the right of primæ noctis. But the pay scale ain't the same. Interim mayor earns the same as our regular mayor: $247,825. The acting mayor, who is still president of the board, earns a supe's salary of $94,475.

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