IPhone Turns Sanders Robocall Into Profanity-Laced Screed

You won't believe the obscene things the new iPhone voicemail feature says about Supervisor Jane Kim.

This weekend, this reporter’s San Francisco iPhone received a pretty unusual voicemail transcript from “Some of the burning slab of a.m.,” better known as Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Sanders is stumping for Supervisor Jane Kim’s candidacy for the District 11 State Senate seat in this week’s election. To that end, he recorded a robocall endorsing Kim that went straight to voicemail on my phone on Saturday.

But that voicemail came out comically garbled and profane on my phone, which has been upgraded to the new iOS 10 operating system. That system has a new feature that transcribes your voicemails into text.

This feature is still in beta mode and has a tendency to accidentally insert profanities. Take a look at the hilariously obscene way iOS 10 transcribed Bernie’s pre-recorded robocall for Jane Kim.

“Hi this is some of the burning slab of a.m. proud to support Jane campus states that it Jane,” one iPhone transcript of Sanders’ speech reads. “Our share of vision the government should work for all of us not just one drain rolled _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ increasing San Francisco’s _⁠_ minimum-wage she fucked four on price about the levels of affordable housing in new developments she is leading the flight to make community college free at cheer family go up to the real estate law please join me to see if you have a club in California teachers and nurses if supporting. …”

Wait, she did what about the levels of affordable housing? Sounds like a party!

If the new iPhone voicemail feature says such obscene things about Jane Kim, we’d love to hear what it has to say about her State Senate opponent, Scott Wiener.


Transcript of Bernie Sanders robocall, according to iOS 10 voicemail transcript. Screenshot
Transcript of Bernie Sanders robocall, according to iOS 10 voicemail transcript. (Screenshot)


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