Iranian Cat Finds Better Life in San Francisco

If anything is going to help thaw the icy relations between the U.S. and Iran, it's going to be a damn cute cat.

Both the people of America (specifically San Francisco) and Iran have set aside politics to help save this deeply troubled cat named Maloos — who, when you think about it, is a Persian cat of a different sort. 

Here's the back story: It was just like any other Tuesday in Tehran (we can only imagine), and a woman named Sarah, who is an active member of the Sayeh Animal Guardians, got a phone call from another woman, who said that there was a cat on her street “unable to move, as if it's stuck to the pavement.”

When Sarah arrived she found a small orange tabby and white cat, soaked with gasoline and mud, and covered with wounds and abscesses. He had been shot in the face and was unable to move.

So Sarah took him with her, and named him Maloos, which means “very cute/lovable.”

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