Is Nancy Pelosi Too Powerful for Pot?

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — who, despite no longer being House Speaker, is arguably still the most powerful resident of San Francisco — is a very busy politician. Just this week, the highest-ranking woman in American political history commented on everything from the Chinese Yuan to abortion policy, and found time to speak in favor of the Occupy Wall Street protest, while deflecting scrutiny for irregularly reporting one of her husband's real estate investments.

Yet it appears Pelosi, who has represented San Francisco in Congress since 1987, no longer has time for medical marijuana. For three sessions in Congress, Pelosi was a regular co-sponsor of medical marijuana bills, records show, but quit her public support once she assumed Democratic leadership positions.

And this week, as even Republicans have joined cannabis advocates in decrying the Justice Department's new, improved, and relentless crackdown on state-legal weed, Pelosi has been conspicuously silent on this issue, while opining on others including an off-color remark by Massachusetts' Scott Brown.

So where's Nancy been on this key constituent issue? A silent supporter, at best.

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