Is Progressive Supes' Muni Amendment Just a Bargaining Chip?

The Charter Amendment yesterday introduced by a quartet of progressive supervisors would essentially tear apart the way the Municipal Transportation Agency is run and sew it back together. It's a fascinating notion– though whether it'd make life better for the financially strapped agency and its put-upon riders is the multi-million dollar question. It's one thing to draw up a transit schedule. It's another to see it carried out.

We couldn't help but notice, however, that a number of Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu, Eric Mar, and Ross Mirkarimi's suggestions look awfully familiar. Just as the quartet intimated last week when they pontificated upon a harsh audit of Muni — and before, if you chatted with them about transit for more than 20 seconds — they want in on the Municipal Transportation Agency Board.

Rather than allow Mayor Gavin Newsom to appoint all seven board members, the supes are now proposing the exact same plan  former Board President Aaron Peskin pushed to SF Weekly in our recent cover story on Muni: Three appointments from the board, three from the mayor, and the last a compromise between the board prez and mayor (“How's that for fair's fair?” is how Peskin put it). 

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