Is S.F. Museum's Filched Tortoise Ambling Around Half Moon Bay?

Last week we reported on Arthur, the 50-year-old California Desert Tortoise filched from San Francisco's Randall Museum. The middle-aged gentleman had been living at the museum since Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt were a hot couple — and his keeper, Dom Mosur, worries for his well-being.

Sadly, Arthur is still missing from the Randall Museum. But, intriguingly, two witnesses swear they saw him ambling along the road — 30 miles away in Half Moon Bay.

“Oh, I raced down to Half Moon Bay,” said Nancy Ellis, the animal exhibit manager at the Randall Museum. “But we had no luck in recovering him.”

It turns out, shortly after Arthur went missing in mid-month, a pair of cyclists cruising through Half Moon Bay were surprised to see “a great, big turtle on the road.” They didn't know what to do, so they helped the slow fellow into the brush on the side of the pavement. “The next night they saw our tortoise had been stolen,” said Ellis. “They swore it was the same animal.”

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