Is San Francisco's Dog-Cat-Rat Man Facing Overseas Competition?

We have borne witness to sweetness incarnate.

Two days ago, the Web site of the UK's Daily Mail featured a gem of an animal story. Apparently Freddie, a Jack Russell terrier who for five years has been riding atop a Shetland pony named Daisy, is passing his equestrian skills on to a younger terrier protege.

Check out the story and sweet, sweet photos here.

We were struck by the similarities between these intrepid canines and a mainstay of the San Francisco street scene: Gregory Pike, a.k.a. Dog-Cat-Rat Man, who has trained a rat to stand atop a cat, standing atop a dog.

We called Pike to see if he'd heard of Freddie and Daisy. No such luck, but he approved of the concept.

“Good,” Pike said. “Cool.”

He continued, “I hear about a lot of things out here. There's a guy in Hawaii that has a mouse on a dog. There's a guy in England who has a dog, a cat, and a rat that sit next to each other, not on top of each other.”

We humbly opine that San Francisco would be as good a site as any to hold an international animal-stack convention. All it needs is a name…

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