Is This the Death of the San Francisco Party Bus?

My first experience with a San Francisco party bus was about four years ago when I was new to the city. I exited a bar and was immediately confronted with the sight of about thirty dudes wearing the standard uniform of the weekend warrior- crisp button-ups with the sleeves rolled to the elbows- dripping off the sides of a fake cable car on wheels. Everyone was slobbering drunk and one of them pointed at me, heroically focused one eye on my face and slurred, “You….do you like… drink?”

The answer seemed obvious as I had just left a bar, but at that moment the light changed and I was never able to continue my conversation with the man, who was whisked into the night with his drunken companions.

The dudes were riding what I later found out was called a “party bus.” Every weekend the streets of SoMa, the Mission, North Beach and other drinking hot spots are jammed with the things and the Entertainment Commission has taken note.

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